Sunday, May 17, 2009

Medoll-Mania Makeover

This is my makeover for the Medoll-Mania Makeover competition being held by Talia.

The doll is baby_fidan.

The top picture is her BEFORE shot. I loved her makeup, so I just darkened the eyeshadow. I thought the necklace was a bit much, so I removed it and added a delicate necklace that matches her earrings. The original earrnigs blended with her hair, which messed up that area of her face. I added a nice hairstyle that she can wear anywhere.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celeb look:Ashley Tisdale

Today its Ashley Tisdale. I love this outfit! Gladiator sandals are stylish yet cute yet gorgeous!!!There is only sfew ways you can wear them but Ashley showed us how exactly to. Its a simple outfit but I definitely think its fashionable. I <33 The bracelets and sandals! The doll does look like her but it looks pretty plain!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Celeb Look

From Now On I'll be Doing A Post Named 'Celeb Look'. Which Obviously Means I'll Be Making My Medoll Look Like A Celebs. Today I'm Doing Rihanna,As You Can See. I think this outfit really looks like it.Its a pretty outfit also. :D

Any good songs?

Im making a new playlist because this ones terrible! :L
So if you've got some good songs tell me in the comments :]

Two New Hairs!

New Hairs!! Only Two though. Maybe some more will be realesed later! [PLEASE,PLEASE!]
The two hairs are kind of Rihanna-ish. Maybe Thats The Point :L Here they are:

This Is DEFiNiTELY Rihanna Hair. I LOVE IT!!!! Its so stylish! Its only really looks nice black though.10|10

Errrr....Not Too Sure What To Make Of This...Except If a granny had stardoll,THIS would be their doll. 6|10

iI'd prefer some long ones but hey,these aren't so bad :]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Styling Studio

I paid $8 dollars for this so, someone is going to see it! Ha!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Women's Day Merchandise

Hurry! There is a sweatshirt, a dress, and a purse all for $1 ! There are also gifts for 1$ ! GO GET 'EM!

(No banner, quick post)

That Doll is Super!

This post of "That Doll is Super!" is centered around the very popular Rihanna. We all know that she was recently assaulted by her then--and now--boyfriend, Chris Brown. Yes, you read that correctly. He beat her, threatened her life and she took him back! **Gasp** now to the doll! This Rihanna 3 Doll has the CUTEST clothes! And the clothes are so her! So here's your look at this brand-new SuperStar Doll!
Rihanna 3
Her Shoes! They are rather plain, but they are still good, basic shoes to own!

Now on to her accessories! She has some gloves, and a massive bangle bracelet! Check 'em out!
Her tops had some cutes, and some EWW's! Take a look!

She has some cute skirts and dresses, too!
Look at her pants and shorts! Very Cute potential!

Most of these clothes are even in the StaPlaza, so if you like them...go buy them!
Well, that's all she wrote...except of course...Now, That Doll is Super!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Doll...New Clothes!

Tinseltown 20's is the newest superstar doll and its clothes are on their way to the PLAZA! Go and check them both out! I love most of them. So are kinda...EW. See for yourself.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Its only been around two weeks since the new DKNY clothes were released. Well get ready to spend all your stardollars on these gorgeous stuff!
There are a few nots but mostly hots! These clothes are colourful,gorgeous and brilliantly designed. What else could we want? Oh yeah, Less money!!! I mean, $24 for a necklace? Oh well, it won me over. I HAD To get it!!!This necklace will only be out from today until the 9th of March so hurry! After the ninth of March a new necklace will be released!

hots and nots:
Blue ? = Don't know what to think of it
Red = Hell No!

Over all I give 9/10 for the DKNY Clothes


I'm Back, Still dieing of a cold but i'm HERE!!!!!!

Yes i'm sorry i was naughty, i havn't been here for ages but comon i'm back! (i'm hyper XD)

With many rawrs and an april mag to make